Clients’ comments

The writing of texts is one of the most crucial stages in the process of museum design, given that they will be destined to define the institution’s approach for all its visitors. In his work for us, Mr. Light has done more than translate; he has also assumed overall responsibility for the correction and restructuring of the texts aimed at our North American and European public, displaying considerable knowledge in the fields of archaeology and art. His work has enriched the cultural message of our institution.

Mika Amano, Amano Pre-Columbian Textile Museum – Lima

…Mr. Stephen Light [is] without doubt the most well-versed and competent translator of subjects related to the archaeology of Peru.

Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig, in his speech before the National Assembly of University Rectors, during the presentation of the work “Machu Picchu: Enchantment in Stone”.

I have had the utmost respect for Stephen Light as a translator since 2005, when, for the first time, he translated a book for me. He undertook this commission with the same rigor he has shown in more recent translations of my work. His knowledge of language is very wide-ranging, in both Spanish and English, and he possesses considerable erudition in several aspects of Latin American culture. His translations are faithful to the original texts, accurately rendering technical language in a style which at the same time is easy to read.

Doctor Federico Kauffmann Doig
Anthropologist and historian / Former Peruvian Ambassador to Germany

Translation from Spanish to English should be undertaken by someone whose native language is English, but who also possesses excellent knowledge of Spanish. Their command of Spanish should be far from merely basic or conversational. Also, our ideal translator must be familiar with specialist terminology in their first language, or possess the necessary investigative expertise, for at the University Press scientific papers number among the publications we produce. The aforementioned requirements are not easily found, and Mr. Stephen Light contributes them all. His translations from Spanish to English and his editing of English texts are always of the highest quality.

Miguel Ruiz Effio, UCSUR-Lima University Press

When I was searching for a translator for an edited collection of my ethnographic writings on Peru, Stephen Light came highly recommended. I was not disappointed. Stephen's translations from English to Spanish were superb, and he spent extra effort to make sure that the intentions in the original were strictly adhered to. He was both efficient and responsive. It was a pleasure to work with such an outstanding professional.

Ralph Bolton
Professor of Anthropology, Pomona College, Claremont California
President, The Chijnaya Foundation

I must say that choosing to work with Stephen was a wise decision. I needed a translator for what was a particularly difficult text for two reasons: one, the subject matter of the book was the Peruvian Paso Horse; and two, it was written in an essentially colloquial, impassioned style expressing local customs, which had to be transferred to another language while preserving, most importantly, all the passion that the text sought to transmit to new lovers of this breed. I have been extremely pleased to hear from English-speaking readers that they have sensed this feeling while reading the English text.

José Carlos Dextre Chacón
Executive President, Southern Science University (Lima)

I highly recommend Stephen as our main English language translator. Over the years, he has proven to be fast and thorough in his work. His ability to capture not only the literal meaning, but also the essence and feeling of our texts is invaluable, especially given the style of travel in which COLTUR specializes.

As a native English speaker with an excellent command of Spanish, Stephen ensures that his translations effectively convey our content to our English-speaking audience. His contribution is essential in maintaining the quality and impact of our business tools in both languages.

Mariana Watson, Commercial Director COLTUR

The translation of texts referring to the different Pre-Columbian cultures that developed in ancient Peru requires not only great knowledge of the Spanish language, but also knowledge regarding the political and social organization of those cultures, their history, art and technology. In addition, in his translation of the texts entrusted to him by the Larco Museum, Stephen Light has managed to transmit the information we wanted to share with our visitors in a language which is precise but at the same time informal and inviting.

Ulla Holmquist Pachas
Director, Larco Museum / Former Peruvian Minister of Culture

Stephen Light undertook the task of translating from Spanish to English the book “The Tupo: Ancestral Symbol of Feminine Identity”. His work was faultless; not only did he meet the established deadline, he was also careful to maintain the technical language of a text that contained scientific terminology.

Luisa Vetter Parodi
Historian, specialist in archaeometry and Pre-Hispanic metallurgy

As an editor I understand very well that in addition to the photography, text and design of a publication, it is vitally important to obtain a correct and precise translation. With Stephen Light I have achieved this goal thanks to his knowledge of the English language as his native tongue and the good command of Spanish he has developed after many years living in Latin America, resulting in an English translation which is both harmonious and academic.

Roberto Gheller

The best thing about working with Steve is that he reads your mind. What I mean is sometimes it has seemed to me that he has expressed in English what I wanted to say or transmit better than I did [in Spanish]. I believe that Stephen Light is more than a translator, he is an interpreter.

Arq. Alfredo Queirolo

The translation service offered by Stephen is very good, not only in terms of the final product, but also because of his excellent attitude during the process.

Joaquín Leguía Orezzoli
Director of ANIA (Association for Children and their Environment)

The English translation services provided by Stephen Light have always been of an excellent quality and in keeping with the highest academic standards of Peru and overseas. As a professional archaeologist and historian, I can confirm positively the suitability of the work undertaken and –more importantly- its full compliance with the most demanding academic publishing houses which have published (or will publish) my writings in English.

Luis Felipe Villacorta O.
Archaeologist and historian / Director of the Raimondi Museum