Portfolio: a selection of extracts

Selected extracts from translations in the fields of history, archaeology, anthropology, museum texts, art, culture, natural history, biology & zoology, conservation & the environment, ecology, travel & tourism, literature, etc.

Textiles of
ancient Peru
Larco Museum
Chachapoyas tombs and
the cult of the dead
Santo Domingo –
Qorikancha, Cusco
The tupo, ancestral symbol
of feminine identity
César Vallejo, Rain
(Los heraldos negros)
Zaña Afro-Peruvian Museum,
UNESCO / Ministry of Culture
Amano Museum of
Pre-Columbian Textiles
Raimondi Museum
exhibition, Italy
The migration of the
humpback whale
Functions of the quipu
in the Inca empire
Gerchman: The pedagogy
of the everyday
Museum of the Central
Reserve Bank of Peru
Machu Picchu,
Inca treasure
Martín Chambi,
visual historian
Ornithology in Río Abiseo
National Park
The birds of
Pantanos de Villa
The whales of
Northern Peru
Nature and ecology of
Río Abiseo National Park
National Railroad Museum, Plan
COPESCO / Ministry of Culture